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Starting the journey into digitising a fruit farm

Florian, a German fruit grower, talks about his experience with Farmable and how it differs from many traditional farm management systems.

Topics: orchard management, grower stories

Never Lose a Field Note Again

Fruit grower Dagobert Widemann provides insights into how the Farmable app supports him in his day-to-day orchard activities.

Time-saving App increases productivity

Tom Douglas, an Australian almond grower, shares how Farmable helps him save time and improve productivity on his farm.

Topics: agtech, orchard management, farm management, almonds

5,000 Farms: A growth challenge during COVID times

How did Farmable adapt to drive growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How variable zoning can lead to more precision in agriculture

Lars Petter Blikom explores the variable zoning side of precision agriculture in his seventh article in this blog series.

How to get your orchard future ready? Start automating documentation

What's the basic step in getting your farm future ready? Automating documentation on your farm, says Lars Petter Blikom

What's the biggest cost in agriculture? Labour.

Lars Petter Blikom explores the impact of manual labour on the overall operating costs in the orchard.

Why measuring return on investment per field is still a challenge

Return on investment per field. Why is it so hard? Lars Petter Blikom explores the topic of knowing ROI per field.

Reinvent how you gather, organize and use your data

Unless farmers fix their data management practices first, there is no chance of successfully deploying the new technologies under the precision farming.

What problems will precision agriculture solve?

Precision agriculture defined from a farmers perspective.

Precision agriculture isn't what they say it is

Precision agriculture is a journey. Lars Petter Blikom shares his journey straddling the twin worlds of agriculture and technology.

A Superfood that is Super resilient: Discovering Sea Buckthorn.

Read about Seth’s discovery of a fruit crop that is nutritious, climate resilient and profitable on a small scale.

One Job. Multiple Locations. One App.

Launching Multi-location jobs. Record multiple locations for the same job on your farm, delegate to crew members and track execution live in the app.

Do More with the Farmable Web Portal

Launching the next stage at Farmable: from mobile app to web portal

Working Together with Spanish Farms

Welcoming Elena Guillen Alvarez, our new Sales Manager for Spain.

Topics: Team building

How can Agtech help Agronomists?

In conversation with Rebecca Dumbrell, Agronomist from TGT Tolga, Australia

Continuing our growth Down Under

Meet Russell Davison, Farmable's Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand. Find out more about what makes Russell tick in our latest blog article.

Topics: Onboarding, Team building

Aussie input goes into global orchard app

Farmable works closely with growers such as Mitchell McNab to build an orchard management software that is just right for a grower's needs.

Global Ambitions Demand Global Talent

Success in global markets demands global talent. Breaking down the barriers in acquiring that talent is a must.

New orchard management app trialled on Cambridgeshire fruit farm

Rachel Anderson reports on how the Farmable app is currently being trialled in the UK by Cambridgeshire top-fruit business, Alan Hudson Ltd. 

A Farmable-style welcome to our newest team member

Vidhi Kumar is the newest team member to join Farmable AS, an Oslo-based agtech startup, focused on fruit farmers.

Topics: Onboarding, Team building

Reducing time spent on documentation through early spray control

Farmable being used in daily operations in an orchard to plan crop treatments, delegate spraying jobs and automatically create documentation for spray logs

Small, Bright Lights

Hiring during a global pandemic brings it's challenges, read about how Farmable pushed forward under difficult circumstances to grow it's leadership team.

It Takes a Village

Apple farmer, Mitchell MacNab, sets an example for the horticulture industry by directly contributing to the development process in several agtech solutions.

Parallel Paths

Two orchard farmers from opposite sides of the planet meet face to face and share common challenges and opportunities to leverage technology in horticulture.

Agtech that Listens

Matt Fealy, a commercial mango and avocado grower from Australia, shares his experience piloting Farmable's orchard management app in his horticulture business.

Laying the Ground Work for Orchard Management

An introduction to precision horticulture with a specific focus on orchard management software.