We build features that make managing your orchards and your time more efficient.

So what are you going to do with all that extra time?

Features Overview for Growers

Farmable is among the first in the world to launch customised digital solutions for fruit and tree crops.

The Farmable app is free and is packed with easy-to-use features designed by growers, for growers.

202009_Farmble Features Infrographic (1)croppedPlan, Track and Delegate - Any Job.

Choose from the standard job types, such as spraying, fertilising, and fertigating. Or create your own custom job, such as pruning, thinning, mowing, etc.


spray-small@3x fertilize@3x fertigate@3x spade@3x
Spray Fertilise Fertigate Custom


Why Growers Use Farmable

Full Control

Farmable gives you full control of all the activities going on in your orchard.


Be free from your desk. Work from anywhere with our simple, user-friendly mobile app.

Paperless Notes

Farmable frees you from lost or soggy notebooks. Keep all your notes in the context of your fields and orchard activity in the app.

Save Time

No need to spend long hours on your desk manually entering your data into spreadsheets. Capture data on-the-go!



Farmable Workbench (Coming soon!) 

202009_Farmable Workbench (2)

In the coming months, we are going to launch our web portal, Farmable Workbench.

  • A user-friendly tool for organising data and analysing trends.

  • A portal for integrating data streams such as satellite images, local weather station data or soil sensor data streams.

202009_Farmable Workbench

The Farmable Workbench will then be extended into a marketplace where users can choose to purchase other Farmable modules such as Farmable Timesheets or integrate services from our partner companies.

Apple icon 2 No expensive software lock-ins
Mango icon 2 Pay per farm, not per user 
Pear icon 2 Unlimited users per farm
Avocado icon 2 Pick the integration you want and pay only for what you use

Welcome to the future of farming in your pocket. Welcome to Farmable.