Pay for what you need, and nothing more.

Our Philosophy

The Farmable App will always be free to use for growers. It is important to us that any orchard can use the app to track observations or developments more easily without incurring expensive software start-up costs or software lock-ins.

In the course of this year, we will expand the Web Portal with a Farmable Store. In this store, we will provide add-on modules or other data-driven integrations (e.g. weather stations, sensors, disease prognosis). It is up to you to decide which of the available modules or integrated services are relevant for your operation and buy them there.


Key Benefits

  • Unlimited Hectares

  • Unlimited Team Members

  • Free Mobile App

  • Exportable Reports

What makes Farmable different

  • Farmable has no expensive software lock-in

  • Pay per farm, not per user (nor per acre/hectare) 

  • Unlimited users (including workers and advisors ) per farm

  • Select modules or integrations relevant to your farm and pay only for the add-ons you use

  • The first module we will make available through the portal is Treatment Reports Plus.

Mobile App



Farmable Mobile App is free to use

Create digital map of farm

Take field notes

Plan, calculate and track jobs

Delegate jobs to team members

Share and communicate with advisors

Log harvest

Treatment Reports Plus

49 EUR

The price is per year, per farm

All driver statistics for the execution of the job

All info about pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer products used

All info about the equipment being used in the jobs

All data is organized per field

View pricing in your local currency.